The business of this division encompasses the following three fields: chemical products, fuel/lubrication oil products and aerosol products. We sell petroleum fuel and lubricant oil products to consumers and businesses. And for many years we have provided major domestic vendors and major lubricant manufactures with various raw materials like fuel and lubricant additives. We have established a purchasing-network which allows us to purchase these materials from domestic and international companies.

We have a capability to supply lubricant-additives which meet new standards for automobile-engine-lubricant specification that is currently at the last phases of its establishment. In recently years, development of environment-friendly products has become part of businesses around the globe. Petroleum based materials and biodegradable bio-technically-produced products made with vegetable oil - such as soy oil and high content Olein sunflower oil - as basic building blocks are receiving markets' attention. Our consultation services for development and usages of oils which match the market demand is supported by our knowledge and network of information developed through long years of oil business operations.

We are appraised by many of our customers for our consultation and problem-solving services. This is one of the main reasons why we have constantly held one of the top spots in the fuel and lubricant-additives market in Japan.