To be forever beautiful is a natural desire for any human beings. Wide range of cosmetics such as skin-care, make-up, hair-care and body-care - soap - products are sold in Japan. Cosmetics are part of daily fashion wear which changes rapidly with consumer trends and tastes. For this ever-changing market, KANEDA Cosmetics Industry Division has over 3000 wide-selection of raw materials in stock and provides prescription recipe advice from mixture of these elements.

Large varieties of raw materials span from hydrocarbons, surface tension activator agents, high quality alcohol ester oil and silicon to powder products. Our specialties are in oils which function as cosmetics including jojoba oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, perilla oil, rosehip oil, horse oil and squalene oil. Real strength is at providing consultation for development of nature-originated materials with emphasis on vegetable oil and its derivatives and on oils with wrinkle prevention and skin whitening functionality.