Food & Oil

Our Food and Oil Product Industry Division is the number one Japanese oil vender with 135 years of proud history. Annual revenues of JPY 11 billion comes from sales of food products and other products to 400 prominent domestic companies with core businesses in raw food materials and food products containing cooking oil. Most of these companies are in the confectionary, frozen-food, processed-food, processed oil (margarines and shortenings), vegetable and food-services markets. We sell general-purpose cooking oil such as soy oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, palm oil, margarines, and shortenings and also premium oils like sesame oil, rice oil and olive oil. We also sell omega-3-fatty-acid rich perilla oil and highly functional specialty oil like DHA/EPA to supply the demand for healthy life and longevity in a rapidly aging society of Japan.

We provide detailed and sensitive customer services such as analysis and quality control of cooking oil and fats, recipe advice for new products, and OEM and PB product manufacturing. Our high quality services are possible through our own applied-development-research laboratory, test kitchen, intra-clean-room filling facility and warehouse.

Demands for raw food materials with traceable organic and non-genetically altered food are continuing to increase in Japan where concern for food safety and assurance is highly important.

Our Food and Oil Product Industry Division has been a pioneer in spreading the concept of 'traceability' of goods in the Japanese market for imported soy beans used in tofu. We are spending more and more efforts to meet consumer needs for safety and assurance of food quality through our businesses such as selling traceable seafood materials and produce to supermarkets

Raw Materials We Are Seeking:

Various Vegetable Oils

We have been involved in the sales of oil for over 100 years, and our volume of sales ranks among the top 10 in Japan. In recent years the demand for vegetable oil, both edible and industrial (for use in cosmetics, chemical products, paint and ink) has been increasing in the Japanese market. If you are an overseas supplier of vegetable oils, please contact us.

Vegetable Oil Alternatives to Petroleum Based Products

Since ISO14001 was implemented, regulations to protect the environment have become more stringent and it is an urgent necessity to replace petroleum-based solvents with those that have a vegetable base. We have already started importing vegetable oil from the USA and Europe and are contributing in creating a society which is gentle to the environment. If you are a supplier of vegetable oils suitable for making petroleum alternatives and wish to enter the Japanese market, please contact us.  We look forward to working with you.