One of the unique characteristics of Kaneda is the existence of Package-Distribution Materials Division. Materials and products are always transported in containers like cans, barrels, and card-board or plastic boxes. Kaneda Package-Distribution Division systematically deals with materials necessary for processes of preparation of container, packaging and transportation.

This division provides variety of containers to customers including milk cartons, plastic cartons, film containers (for frozen food and vacuum sealed food), aluminum containers, tin can (for oils, fats and chemicals) and various drums for diverse types of substances, volumes, shapes and functionalities.

In the field of packaging, the division provides products with useful functionality and labor-saving specialty tools like cardboard boxes, packaging-used stretchable films and packaging tapes.

Moreover, we work as partners of customers and cast manufacturers from the design stages of metallic mold used to create plastic foldable containers and standardized returnable containers of electronics and automobile industry.

We have an established network of specialized manufacturers in order to supply any kind of demands on trays, carrier tapes and sleeves for packaging of IC chips and connector parts,

In the highly evolved field of distribution and transport, plastic palettes, large plastic containers and shock-absorbent materials play very important roles. We provide general purpose plastics like polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) plastics to container manufacturers and physical-distribution-usage-materials manufacturers and engineering-plastic materials to parts manufactures. We also provide conductive and anti-static materials to our customers in the electronics field.

In this age of environmental consciousness, our goal is to provide environment-friendly containers, packaging and distribution materials and product development consultation to this division's major clienteles in the electronics industry, the food industry and as well as to other major industries.