Paint, Coating, Ink

Paints and Coating Ink (PCI) Division sells ink constituents, coating ingredients, oil derivatives and chemical products to domestic markets. Sales of linseed oil, castor oil, paulownia oil and soy oil for industrial use reach up to one ton - the largest share of the market.

On the other hand, in the coating area, this division provides fluorine-containing elements for heat rollers in printers and copiers and poly-imide coating substances to office appliance manufacturers and coating companies.

Natural oils and their oil derivatives as well as products made of vegetable oils are now receiving more attention in the industry. This is because there is an increase in demand for environment-friendly and human-friendly products due to ever-present and worsening environmental problems. The PCI division has been promoting the use of "Soy Ink" and now has the largest market share in the sales of soy oil in the ink market.

With the proliferation of ISO14001 standard, recyclable-ness of plants (i.e. soy), absorbability of carbonate gases during plant growth and safety on human body has become important considerations for selection of ingredient materials. The PCI division provides environment-friendly consultation using new materials and products from all parts of the world by using global information networks for oils and fats related products.