Japan has one of the fastest growing aging societies in the world. Therefore, desire to stay healthy through old age is increasing at a fast pace. Caster oil and sesame oil have been used as medicine from ancient days of over 2000 year old Japanese history. Today, sesame oil, castor oil and olive oil are sold in pharmacies as medicine. Meanwhile, focus is also on oils which prevent adult's diseases and help maintain healthy conditions. These oils which contain large amount of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid such as DHA/EPA or linolenic fatty acid have been shown to lower the risks of arteriosclerosis - hardening of the arteries. Functions and elements of oils are back in the spotlight even in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is in times like this, that Kaneda obtained permission for manufacturing of medicine in accordance to the Japanese Standards of Medicine and in 1999 built a filling factory. Kaneda also became the only company in Japan to obtain permission for manufacturing liquid paraffin medical products, and in 2002 started an operation of "GMP-Specification Paraffin-Blend Filling Factory," the only one of its kind in Japan.

Kaneda imports oils and fats for pharmaceutical products and other high quality raw pharmaceutical materials from all over the world in order to supply major domestic pharmaceutical companies. Kaneda will continue to support partners in pharmaceutical industry with innovative medical products and medical manufacturing-technology know-how.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Kaneda has built long-lasting, mutually-trusting relationships with our clients, throughout its 100 years of history as a trade-company specializing in raw materials. Our clients include more than 100 top domestic medial firms.

We aim to consistently supply low-priced, high-quality, DMF-filed Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). We also supply intermediary substances, introduce and formulate final dosages, and help clients contact OEM suppliers.

In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has been changing at a bewildering speed. We supply fast and thorough solutions to various types of customers' medical needs, while adapting to these rapid changes.

We aim to help build mutually beneficial relationships amongst businesses by supplying information about pharmaceutical products and technologies. If you are interested in the Japanese market or thinking of exploring this market, consult us first.