White Mineral Oil

White Mineral Oil Department is fully responsible for general sales of White Mineral Oil as core grades of HICALL(Pharmacopeia & JSFD) brand, on which products we are continuously the severer quality control, and also we commit that we continue to help the valued customers by enhancing more stable supply system through further improvement of production facilities based on our motto "The better products to the valued customers" as the best partner for valued customers.

Oil with excellent human health care, high safety standard and prosperous future
Highly purified oil with colorless & transparent, tasteless and odorless

< Characteristics of HICALL series >

  • High reliability compatible with all the standards including
    Japan Pharmacopeia and Japan Food Additives Standards.
  • Transparent and colorless, tasteless and odorless
  • Chemically stable saturated hydrocarbon
  • High safety & gentle for human body

< Applications for HICALL series >
We have long term experience and actual sales in many industries such as Medicals & Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Foods, Agricultural & Livestock, Chemicals, Paper manufacturing, Textile, Electric & Electronics, Adhesive materials.
Please refer to the compatible matrix shown below regarding main product for applications.

[ White Mineral Oil Applications ]

HICALL Low vis Middle vis Hight vis
Topical ointments  
Gelation Capsule Lubricants    
Ointments Creams  
Baby oil  
Creams and Lotions
Suntan oils
Hair products  
Makeup removeras  
Absorption bases  
Bath oil  
Moisturizing cream
Food Industry
Bakery pan oils      
Divider oils  
Animal feed dedusting  
Mold release luburicants  
Egg coatings    
Food packaging materials
Food grade lubricants  
Meat packing    
Chemical Industry
Polystyrene-internal lubricants  
PVC-external lubricants  
Plastics annealing  
Catalyst carriers  
Hot melt    
Pressure sensitive      
Furniture polish  
Stainless steel cleaner  
Household insecticides  
Textile manufacturing  
Textile lubricants  
Household cleaners & polishes    
Tobacco processing  
Animal food  
Grain elevator dust control