Our domestic market is now under ever greater pressure from international competition. Amalgamation and "merger and acquisition" are carried out in order to retain corporate competitive power and the trend toward "Selectivity and Concentration" is increasing dramatically.

In an environment such as this, we at Kaneda Co. Ltd. hold fast to our corporate vision "to be the best partner of the customers as the general trader of raw materials." We are making every effort to be the company consistently selected as a partner, based on the trust our customers have in our energy, information, ideas, and creditworthiness.

Our competitive edge is that we are "an aggregation of specialty trading companies." We trade in eight market categories: Food and Edible Oils, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Aerosols, Paint Coating and Ink (PCI), Fuel and Lubricant Oil, and Packaging Materials. In each of these markets we give our best effort, always keeping our mottos in mind: "Speed and Efficiency" and "We'll help in any way." We have an established information system so that any customer inquiry we receive through any department can be cross-referenced with related departments and accurate information and answers are forwarded promptly to our customers.

It is our great pride that we have a complete test kitchen and research and development department led by pharmaceutical chemists, a rare occurrence for trading companies. We have an Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified facility used exclusively for blending and bottling edible vegetable oil. In the fields of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, we have obtained government approval for the production of medical products and we are capable of manufacturing small lots of a wide variety of products as commissioned by our customers. Under ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, we strive to be the partner with whom you can "Co-Advance."

My business motto is "Co-Advance = Progress, Develop, and Grow Together." With our over 100 years of history beginning from the early Meiji Era, we have a corporate image -- a Noren -- of Trustworthiness and Reliability. This is the foundation upon which we challenge ourselves to thrive in the 21st Century. We look forward to serving you and growing with you as your partner.